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THINK ABOUT WHAT THE WORD "RECIPROCAL" MEANS...making up a link farm page with 100's of URLS; that has no link to the main [index page] of your site is not a reciprocal link!.

YOU WILL BE IGNORED and will not get a listing.

If you have a "Our Friends" page for your backlinks it can't be more than one page relinked from your main page;AND IT MUST HAVE A VISIBLE LINK FROM the MAIN PAGE.

You wouldn't want a blind link on this directory;and nether do I.We manually review so that's not going to fool anyone!..def.of reciprocal:"corresponding; matching; complementary; equivalent"

If you wish to have a one way link please purchase a link above;they are cheap.

This site does not accept pharmacy or gambling or adult sites..;however we offer listings for many categories on our network including these.

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